Citroen SM

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40 Years of Citroen SM


Appearances in art and famous owners

Like the Citroën DS, the SM has made prominent appearances in several films and TV series, and has had many celebrity owners. Emperor and religious icon Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia had an SM, while Ugandan strongman Idi Amin had seven of them. The Shah of Iran drove an SM. Actors Lorne Greene and Lee Majors, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR Leonid Brezhnev, composer John Williams, author Graham Greene, soccer star Johan Cruijff, Cheech Marin,The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts and Thomas Chong were among other prominent owners of the SM. In motorsport Mike Hailwood owned one and drove it to F1 meetings.

Burt Reynolds escapes a fleet of police cars behind the wheel of an SM in the 1974 film The Longest Yard. In the film, having driven the car to a quayside, Reynolds gets out of the car and nudges the car into gear, causing it to drive itself into the water. This is an amusing aspect of the film, as it required the use of an automatic-equipped SM, since this could not have been done with the manual transmission-equipped SM used in the rest of the chase sequence without either grinding the gears or stalling the engine. In real life, he liked the car so much that he gave an SM to his friend Dinah Shore.

Janet Jackson appears in an SM with a red leather interior in the music video for the 1998 hit song I Get Lonely from the Velvet Rope album.

Patrick McGoohan drives an SM in a 1975 episode of the American television series Columbo, while Gerry Anderson's 1971 television series The Protectors prominently featured a platinum blue SM.

Ben Stiller is kidnapped in a green SM in the 2001 film Zoolander, and an SM is also used in an attempted kidnapping in the 1975 Charles Bronson film Breakout.