Chonnam National University 전남대학교, Gwangju, South Korea.

Chonnam National University 전남대학교
College & University
Chonnam National University is a South Korean university located in the metropolitan city of Gwangju which lies in the middle of South Jeolla or Jeonnam (Chonnam) province, for which the school is named in the Southwest of the country. The university was formally established in January, 1952 through the union of Gwangju Medical College, Gwangju Agricultural College, Mokpo Commerce College, and Daeseong College. It currently consists of 59 academic departments in 19 colleges and 11 graduate programs. University attached facilities are the University Library, Museum, Health Service Center, Agro-Bioindustry Technical Support Center, Animal Hospital, Language Education Center, School of Lifelong Education, and University Computing Center. In March 2006, Yeosu National University merged with Chonnam National University to become a satellite campus.

Chonnam National University used to be generally regarded as one of the five major national universities of South Korea together with Seoul National University, Pusan National University, Kyungpook National University, and Chungnam National University. Now the number of the key national universities has been expanded into ten. CNU is also recognized as one of the best performers in government supported HRD (Human Resources Developer) projects. And Research expenses of CNU ranks 13th nationally. Moreover the number of High-ranking public officials ranked 11th. In addition, 26 alumni passed the Second Round of the 51st national bar exam, which is the biggest since the CNU Law School was established.