Andover, Anoka/Ramsey items for sale

This is a Garage sale site for the cities (not counties) of Andover/Anoka/Ramsey. You MUST be willing to meet in one of these following cities- Any ?s contact an admin- Kori Kielty, Kristi Saba, Margaret Crowe, Lauren Churchill, or Sarah McIvor.


1) When posting an item you MUST include: Item, size, price, if POMS, if FCFS, and location.

2) If you sell something, please make sure that your availability is open for the buyer to pick up. If you are selling something in a CITY other than Andover/Anoka/Ramsey, PLEASE know that you HAVE to be willing to meet the buyer in one of the listed cities! If you are buying something, It is up to the Buyer to pick up the item in one of these cities.

3) **IF YOU STATE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SOMETHING - PLEASE FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE SALE** Do not waste the seller's time and then back out after stringing them along. You WILL be DELETED!!!! Before posting that you're interested on an item, think about it so that the seller can quickly sell their item without having to wait for you to figure it out. IF YOU DO NOT SHOW UP AT AN AGREED UPON TIME WITHOUT COMMUNICATION TO THE OTHER PARTY AND ADMIN IS NOTIFIED, YOU WILL BE DELETED.

4) Sellers - please allow 24 hours for the buyer to pick up. Buyers - please contact the seller as soon as possible to set up pick up arrangements. Those who comment first have first dibs and then it moves down the list from there.

5) If you run a business (i.e. home-based consultants) or if you have another site you wish to share, This site is for people to use in lieu of a physical garage sale, not an advertising medium. PLEASE ONLY POST ONE TIME! You can bump your post once a month.

6) If you are posting on this site, you must BUMP your item if it is still available. Anything over one month old and not bumped will be deleted!

7) This is is NOT an auction. Only time it is okay to offer a lower price is if the seller puts OBO on their item. It is also not okay to offer more than the asking price!!! No exceptions

8) Please do not send PMs on an item to show your interest. Comment on the item directly because those commenting aren't aware of the side conversations going on.

9) You do not need to post your items in an album. They may be easier for you to find that way so you might want to consider it, but you can post photos/items individually.

10) If you are holding a physical garage sale, you may post your address and date/time of the sale, but DO NOT post pictures that are also on the sale as it is not fair to those using our site.


There will be NO sales of formula, rice cereal or baby food. You can list these items for free if you have left overs.

If you don't like these rules, then please remove yourself from this group. It is sad that we have to be so detailed, but this is due to disrespectful people.