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Trade Rules, Tips and Policy

CAMANAVA BUY AND SELL is not liable of the following

- Fake or Scam Modus of her members
- Phishing site redirect url
- Events or Contest without prior notice
- Shipping trade and other long distance transactions [mind your own risks]
- Bad items or unwarranted products from her sign up users


- Do a research on unit problem before deciding on buying it
- Do not make any long distance transactions to any person whose credibility is not verified a LEGIT seller
- Do not plan to meet up, in places without security awareness.
- For hassle free always remind appointment 3-days before D-day
- Stay Alert - check item before payment
- Focus - count your money before and after meeting
- Be mindful make your eyes wide open to any possibilities that may happen before and after, deal plan on safe route
- Do not remind to whom you dealing with, your current location and dress-code while on walk and transaction are on-going, be advised that you’re aware of the venue and will arrive to the specific place agreed on.
- Agreed only on familiar places that you can handle security measures
- Exercise exact amount of MONEY to pay to prevent other possibilities of modus
- Do not go home together with the person you’re dealing this may also trigger to unhappy ending


- Bad mouth titles or foul descriptions [see Level 1 Violation]
- Vandalism (mentioning names of other sellers) to persuade and buy theirs [see Level 2 Violation]
- Flood Post or Duplicate Items in a Single Account [see Level 3 Violation]
- Nude Photos [see Level 4 Violation]


- Level 1 refers to warning
- Level 2 refers to double warning
- Level 3 refers to 1 week ban
- Level 4 refers to Ban or Account Deletion