You know you're from Minneapolis when...

Finally a group to help remind all of us born and raised in Minneapolis why we'll never leave! This city is filled with far too many memories and there will be plenty more to come. Please feel free to share anything that tells us how you know you're from this great city!

And so we begin...
You know you're from Minneapolis when:

You've been eating at Shorty & Wags since they sold wings AND ribs.

You know what main roads the 18, 21, 23, 19, 5, 14, and 2 bus drive on.

You went to Washburn, Southwest, South, Edison, North, Henry or Roosevelt.

You and St Paul don't get along, but you have no idea why.

If your friend invites you over and they live in any suburb (including surrounding ones), you consider it too far and dread the drive.

You know what and where Cup Foods is.

You know all of the fast food restaurants that are open after 2am.

As a kid you would go to the Richfield pool.

You say "I live OVER South or Norf".

There are many attractions at MOA that you've never seen and that's because you only go there to shop.

If anyone ever bad-mouthed Minneapolis you would let them know just how crazy they are.

You are familiar with Eat Street.

You've seen the cherry and spoon sculpture at the Walker Art Center.

Your elementary school took you to Chutes and Ladders and your high school took you to Valley Fair.

You know what the Bomb Shelter is.

You listened to Atmosphere when you could only buy their album at Electric Fetus.

You have gone BEHIND Minnehaha Falls and partied at one of the 4 bridges.

You have partied at White Sands.

You could get anywhere just by using 38th, 42nd, or 46th St.

You have jumped off the Nokomis Bridge.

You have had many drunken nights eating breakfast at Perkins.

You have eaten Juicy Lucy