Essendon Technical School / Queen's Park Sec. College ex students/staff

Essendon Technical School became Queens' Park Secondary College and part of Essendon-Keilor Secondary College, or something like that.

With the demolishment of most of it for a subdivision, and the change of the main building to Batman TAFE, when I come back to Melbourne and drive past it, I have a lot of fond memories.

...but the bloody thing is gone. There's now little chance of things like school reunions, etc. (STOP PRESS - Reunion happening August 13th 2011 - Register to come)

Join this group if you went to Essendon Tech or you know someone who did.

And maybe you thought that the best teacher was Bill Langcake, you remember John Hayes the VP, you stood next to Neil Cordy in PE and wondered just how tall he was, or how short you are, or did woodwork with Mr Butcher or you spilled your guts to Jim Boyce ;)

For whatever reason, become a member, and let us know what you're up to now.

Please let us know your strongest memories of the old school. The good stuff, the bad stuff, any stuff.