Casa Grande Buy Sell Trade

Welcome to Casa Grande - Buy, Sell, Trade Classifieds! So nice to have you here.

First off this group is for the Casa Grande Area. So if you live within 30 miles of Casa Grande we'd love to have you join us. If you are outside this area and you just want to spam us...MOVE ON! We check out everyone that asks to join. If you don't have your home area listed on your public profile page there is probably a good bet you won't be added.

Here are the few rules we have:
*MUST MEET IN CASA GRANDE UNLESS BUYER IS WILLING TO PICK UP! (Only exception on pick up is if its something big as in furniture)
*buyers buy at your own risk! us admins are not responsible for any transactions!
*You Must Be 18 Yrs of Age or Older to Belong to This Group..
*Only Bump or Post Five Items at a Time in a Day.
*Please Post A Starting Price & description of items.
*If you have agreed to a price and someone comes along with a better price it is not fair to take that person over the one you already agreed upon. Also no bidding.
*remember saying INTERESTED is what puts u in line for the item not asking a question & pm'ing the seller does not count u must comment interested.
*If someone is interested, please give them an hour for them to reply, before moving on to the next person interested. Please follow the order of interests. (Ex. First, second, third, & so on..) but please don't forget about that hour wait on reply.
*Rudeness will not be tolerated. It will result in a automatic removal! Also if u have a product of the same as someone else posting you may not post on their post saying you have one for cheaper.
*Please post pictures of your item if you can.
*All Sales are Final. Admin are Not Responsible for any Transactions...**Buy at your Own Risk**
*Please remove your post after your item has been sold or your event is over.
*No Selling Weapons , Similac , Baby Food, Food Stamps (E.B.T), Or Cigarettes, Drugs, alcohol, liquor, or Stolen Property. No Exceptions.
*Standing People Up Will Result In Banning Of The Group.... Make Sure to Have Open Communication between Buyer and Seller.
*Taking Advantage of Someone WILL NOT be Tolerated...There is a Zero Tolerance for this and You Will be Banned from the Group.
When posting ur item make sure u list the details and a price for the item

*Last enjoy the group and feel free 2 msg a admin if anything thanks.