Chios Refugee Support - International

The Greek island of Chios lies less than 4.5m miles from the Tur...kish coast, and has a population of circa 53,000 people. According to UHNCR statistics, so far over 94,000 refugees have landed on Chios in 2015, giving it the second highest number of refugee arrivals out of all the Greek islands.

There can be up to 3,000 refugees on the island on any given night and
local & international volunteers and NGO’s have been doing their best to support them. The aim of this group is to raise awareness of the situation in Chios, and co-ordinate support from the UK and beyond.

This group keeps updated needs list for:
the Chios Eastern Shore Rescue Team
other teams currently on the ground

Also help raise awareness and funds for Chios Refugee Street Kitchen as we have wholesale accounts at two wholesalers that the kitchen can then buy from.

Also on hand to give addresses for the teams when you ready to send aid, help with any questions about aid, share stories to encourage others to volunteer and just general coordination we might get asked to help with :)