Archer before and after travel with American Airlines

I made a trip from GDL to PR with my dog. When I arrived at DFW I saw my dog and he looked great. From there we went to MIA. When I was there my mother called me and told me that the airline had called that he was when in bad shape. So I run to the gate and was having seizures and I told then that does weren't seizure, they were muscle spasm from the disease. Distemper that he suffer in May. The man at the gate also told me that he had vomited and I asked him if could go see the dog to give him water and clean him up. He told me that I could go so I bought a bottle of water but when I came back he told me I couldn't see him. Also he said to give him the bottle of water so he could give him water and try to clean him. When I arrived at PR the airline workers where looking for me because the dog was having an allergic reaction so I went with then to see the dog but couldn't see him well because he was in his kennel and also not enough light. So I proceeded to tell them that this was his condition that the shaking was normal. So I got my things and went home. When I got their and turned the light on I could finally see him clearly he ad cuts, was bleeding his left eye was swollen.He was in a really bad shape so I took him to the veterinary and he told me that he had a corneal ulcer, which he had to treat inmediatly because it was really big. I'm looking for is that you cover the medical expenses because that was you fault and nobody informed me that he was bleeding during trip. And i'm looking for prevent this incident in other dogs.