Acid Rap/Horrorcore/Pornocore

Basically this is 4 all da #suicidalists #juggalos n # da real n...iggaz who listen to dat sick twisted 3rd eye openin' dark hellbound and or different kinda rap #fuqerrbdy . I am an #indie #AcidRap artist #jailjules tha #baseddevil n am da drunk high muhfucka datz responsible 4 #hailthabaseddevil ep. which drops next bitch ass month and the #New hit #youtube series #baseddeviltv which is mo' like a darker semi-satanic rap city which includes shit like #freestyle cyphers,cd ratings,comedy skits,interviews,new evil ass music, religon bashin' ,wut grinds my gears n w.e tha fuck else I wanna add in dat muhfuckin' bitch,u dig? I'm a enlighten some of ya'll dat been in da dark on this dark shit. Post ur Fav. Vids pics and or throw in ya 2 cents aka give any insight on da artists u feelin' from Acid Rap to Glitch-Hop n if u tryin to do da shit 2 feel free to promote dat bitch on herr like back page nigga.If u get signed I automatically get 25% of dat shit,or we might have an issuse,just sayin'.I wann give a shout out to all da niggaz I fux wit' @esham smith the #unholy @mastamind n @nt wich are the other two niggaz that make up tha #pioneer of acid raps #Wicket 7mile #detroit suicidalist group #natas.Shout out to @brotha lynch hung @tech n9ne n da rest of the #strangemusik fam. @King Gordy the King of #horrorcore hail lord vader,n da based devil bitch,Vandyke in dis muhfucka #detroit stand up.D12,too them niggaz got evil latelty da white boy must not be payin' 'em too good,just sayin'.Shout out to @reel life/gotham and all the artists @psychopathicrecords like @icp who are #originators of the #juggalo movement,n #thegathering has become one of the biggest tributes to keep real rap alive.Shout out @necro @geto boyz @grave diggaz @three six mafia @flat liners @spice one @flatbush zombies @cbo @boon dox @ill bill n everyone else who represents the pyschadellic dark side #bodybagswag