You know you're from Benton City when...

1. Your graduating class had less than 100 students in it

2. your football team went all the way to Omak to play in the Toilet Bowl and lost

3. You know where Omak is

4. You know what the Toilet Bowl is

5. You hated going to Connell or Royal City to play sports because they usually owned you

6. You know what Sunnyside smells like

7. If you played tennis NO ONE wanted to play on the "upper court" because it sucked.

8. It was a huge deal when the library was built

9. You know at least 12935 different businesses that used to be in the building where Daddy-O's Pizza is now

10. You or your family is on first-name terms with all of the people that work in the post office

11. Your school secretaries recognize you by face and name

12. Your idea of a fun time is Mud Bog Racing and Road Rallies

13. You never want to go to the KiBe Market during cherry season because it was always SO crowded with migrant workers

14. You know that KiBe Market used to be Red Apple and the library was in the basement of City Hall

15. Your mom never let you play in the park by KiBe Market or the one behind the old daycare because she was afraid you'd get either kidnapped or morally corrupted

16. You've stopped by Wolfies on your way home from elementary school because their suckers were 2 for a quarter

17. "I can report you"

18. You always littered on the playground, then picked it up and showed it to the Duty so that you could get a "Beary Special Bear" ticket and maybe win a free ice cream with Mrs. Wolkenhaur

19. You know what a Duty is and either was a kid that always sucked up to them or hated the kids that did that.

20. "Ki-Be kids....all together at Ki-Be school....WE ARE GREAT!"

21. Benton City Daze is like the biggest thing that happens all year

22. People were in the Benton City Daze parade just because they wanted to...not because they had anything cool or important. Pretty much half the town.

23. You have to drive at least 20 minutes to buy anything useful like clothes, etc.

24. You went to the free summer lunch, even if you were 18...or a teeny bit older...

25. It was normal to see people riding horses down the middle of town

26. The skate park is the coolest place to hang out

27. People from "town" always make fun of you for being hicks even though they live like 20 miles away

28. "Town" is an all-encompassing term that means Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, but you never refer to these cities by name, you only call it "town".

29. You tell people from Prosser that you live in Benton City and they ask where it is even though they have to drive past it any time they go into "town"

30. Mayor Robinson sucks

31. The city librarian knows your name because you went there every day after school to play games on the computer

32. You know the librarians' names: Cheryl and Margo (and Margo is from England, just FYI)

33. You 'float the river' every day in the summer, even though you know some people found a dead cow in there once...

34. The rope swing is da bomb

35. You went either to the post office or McDonald's for your first grade field trip

36. You go to the new development just past KiBe Market (by the new water tower) during Halloween because that's where all the rich people live and they have the best candy

37. the "weather streets" are bad news....

38. Every one else's senior class party was at Disneyland or some casino or a huge nice hotel...your class went to the Court Club

39. There's only one cop and he's from the county

40. The same five kids that were in highly capable in 5th grade were in all the AP classes and gave speeches at graduation

41. Your "12 years together" picture in the yearbook consisted of 98% of your graduating class

42. EVERYONE you know that is still alive had Mr. Jones for CWP senior year

43. Your valedictorian showed pigs at the Benton-Franklin County Fair

44. The only really fun place to go that was within 3 hours was Silverwood...the coolest amusement park on the planet

46. If you ever had a bus driver named Pearl or Connie

47. If all the high school kids at the back of the bus either chewed or smoked pot and never got caught

48. The hill behind your house burns at least once a year, maybe more

49. Someone in your immediate family works at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, otherwise known as "out at the area"

50. It's not a real windstorm until trees start falling over

51. You have ever wondered how it is that we could possibly be experiencing a drought when one of the largest rivers in the country is just a few miles away

52. You've ever washed your car just to have a dust storm drop sand on it half an hour later

53. You measure distance in minutes (20 minutes to Walmart, 7 minutes to the high school, etc)

54. You found out you can't REALLY tip over a cow, they just get mad and chase you

55. There're always old guys riding tractors down the street

56. The whole community revolves around the school and its functions

57. You have ever worked "Cherry Harvest" for the Smith's.

58. You are glad you aren't from Burbank.

59. You joined "Knowledge Bowl" to get out of school and lost every match, unless you were playing Burbank.

60. You have rented a movie from "The Red Apple"

61. You joined band because choir was for geeks

62. You joined 'highly capable' to play Oregon Trail and Kid Pix twice a week.

63. You have entered an animal in the County Fair

64. You had to wear 70's style short-shorts for basketball

65. The nicest car in the school parking lot was a Ford Probe

66. You had your senior prom in the basement of the Richland Red Lion, and thought it was 'so nice'

67. You bought baseball cards from Wolfies in Elementary school

68. You tried to get student of the month so that a teacher would walk you across the street to Wolfies, where you would buy a 'Jr. Special' for $1.97.

69. You know how to drive a tractor.

70. You had your hair cut at the 'Head Shed'

71. You had driver's ed with Mr. Perry

72. Your parents didn't want you going to Pasco because that's where all the gangs were

73. You have run up 'Mc. Bee' grade and it was super intense

74. You made prank calls from the Wolfies pay-phone

75. Anyone with a two-story house is considered rich

76. Your parents still have dial-up internet

77. You hated Southridge because everyone from there was a snob

78. You tried to set Ms. Reich up with Mr. Neumann as a joke

79. You have friends who have been going to 'The Palm' since they were 15

80. You didn't have to try out for any sports team. If you showed up, you were varsity.

81. You ever had a class with Ms. Cohen.

83. Writing and performing your own lyrics to 'We Didn't Start the Fire' was one of your major class projects.

84. You lost your homecoming football game by more than 50 points

85. You bought a water-balloon yo-yo from Benton City Daze.

86. You have ever eaten a BBQ Burrito from "The Red Apple"

87. You have used the school's suitcase-cell phone to call your parents after a game.

88. I know there's more...

If any or all of these apply to you then you're from the right place...our beloved Benton City!