Cardiff City Fans v Chelsea Away - Lets make ourselves heard

Hello Fellow Bluebirds.
I have created this group to see if everyone who is going to Chelsea away game would like to make ourselves heard with reference to recent events concerning our great club.
Its our first chance to get our voice across as im sure the media will be everywhere as it will be our first game.
My suggestions are as follow
1) Every single fan make a Flag or Banner Pro Malky or Anti Tan, or generally in support of our club and identity....
2) Before the match kicks off or at half time everyone stay down below for about 15 mins then all walk together into the stand with our flags/banners as that will then get plenty of media coverage same as Valencia done against the Jacks.
3) Everyone wear Blue.
As there will be only about 1500 this should be easy to sort out if everyone sticks together.
Over to you Fellow Bluebirds.................