Fire Marsha from Dollar General in Gassville, AR

I spoke with the District Manager yesterday about the situation. She said she was not happy about the situation at all. I explained all that happened and her response was that her employees should never act like this. She apologized and told me that she would be taking care of the situation. I told her that I knew others had complained to her about this employee before and nothing had been done and I expected something to be done this time. She said she could not disclose any disciplinary actions that took place but then made this comment, "I guess when you go back in and don't see her working, you will know what happened." I told her about the Facebook page and how people had commented about their service from this woman and how she could not expect that store to run correctly if the manager was not doing her job. I talked about the example she was setting for the rest of the staff and how there was no way to hold them accountable for their actions if their leader was allowed to spew hatred about groups of people with no consequences. I did tell her also that I would not stop until she was no longer employed there. We will see if she handles the situation and if not then I will continue to fight to get rid of this person so that EVERYONE can shop at this Dollar General without worrying about being personally attacked by this managers words and actions.