Zimbabwean Naturals...

I have just realised that every natural hair group I belong to is mainly charecterised by a majority of people who come from the same country.
And it totally makes sense to me now. When you're in such a support group and you come from the same place (at least the majority) you help each other effectively especially in the context of hair products, where to find them, how to find them and all.

I would have created such a group years ago, but I've been an admin in several groups and it's a lot of work, and that is what I dreaded. And I have a Page, so I thought that would be enough. But I've observed one deterring thing about Pages...they're public, and not everyone is comfortable sharing their hair drama, hair insecurities, and pictures there. And for that reason, I have creates this group, Zimbabwean Naturals.

So in the comfort of the privacy that groups give us, I hope we can use this forum to educate each other on natural hair care and styling.

Also, I have a natural hair Page, For US Natural Hair Divas (FUNHD) and I'm not yet comfortable posting videos there much as people always request I do. But here I shall be posting tutorials of hair styles and anything else that I feel needs to be shared in video style.

I also have a blog named EvverythingAmum at www.everythingamum.com. I have there many interviews on NATURAL HAIR journeys, natural hair care and regimens, natural hair pictures, and I am currently working on articles that break down everything one needs to know about natural hair, step by step. I have not yet managed to get a separate blog for this section but for now this will have to work.

Please feel free to add your friends who may be natural, or are transitioning, or are simply interested in learning more about natural hair even if still relaxed.

I'll write, later on, something with rules and guidelines, just to maintain a healthy friendly environment around here. And for course to have a little order :)

And oh, NO men allowed please. Sorry! :)