This I remember....Stories from Liberia

This group was created to allow Liberians to narrate stories from Liberia. The stories can be personal in nature or what you heard from other credible sources.
We want to remind each other of of our experiences in Liberia be it tragic or joyous; war or peacetime. The younger generation who were born in exile and didn't experience Liberia during it's heydays or during the war can come here and read our oral history told from personal experiences.
This group is opened to ALL Liberians.
Everyone has a story, please be respectful of each other. Even if you're not comfortable with someone's personal experiences, respect it!!!

This is NOT limited to our wartime ORDEAL, any story is welcome. We didn't always have war in Liberia.
1. We will RESPECT each other.
2. There will be NO advertising
3. There will be NO POLITICS and discussions that may move in that direction will be taken down.
4. There's a difference between what you need to post on your page and what you post here. Every post must relate to Liberia
5. People will be free to post their stories without fear of being criticized for their writing style. Most members are trying to narrate stories that are close to their heart, they're not trying to publish a book. If you want to give them an advice to improve their writing style, send them a private message.

If you constantly break these simple rules above, you will be permanently banned.

****This description will be updated and edited as we move along*****