Jordan's FabuLASH Holiday Bash

Welcome to the partyyyyy! Your dear friend, Jordan, has excitedly begun this party just for YOU. My name is Taryn, her go to mascara girl, and I'm SO excited about my Younique business. I would love to share my excitement with you....and share the goodies of course too! Speaking of goodies, don't miss out on the amazing 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. This mascara is the #1 top seller and the only way to add 300% more volume and length to your own, natural lashes!

As I'm sure you can already tell, this is not your normal shopping experience! This is a fun, fast, and fabulous experience, as it's all done on Facebook! Not a huge makeup person, but still want to support your sweet friend?! No worries, the holidays are just around the corner...stocking stuffers anyone?! So come on~ let's party in our PJ's with Younique!!!

Feel free to click any of the links included in this party and start your shopping ladies! All my love!!!