Abraham-Hicks: How 2 Change Your Life In 30 Days

We are a live workshop group, backed up with a Google+ community
Here is the place to find your happiness, than you go all over the world and spread your happy seeds!!! ♥
This group had been created to serve your process and prepare you for a shift in your vibration and therefore in your entire life.
Feel free to watch our open session here:
More inspirational info you can find on this page, please Like it as you go:
*As we are growing in numbers please take in consider that this is a concept workshop group which had already designed.
If you do not wish to participate with us for whatever reason, we will respect your choice to leave.
Please feel free to inform others who may benefit from this process about us.
Please understand that the settings of the page won't allow diverting from our subject and work path.
If you still feel that your product or service are for the benefit of this group please let me know and you may post it on Love Bug or Abraham 101-2.0.
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