Gheorghe Popescu I

Group dedicated to Gheorghe Popescu (1) born in 1919 in Bucharest and he dedicated his life to Football.When he was 17 years old he played football at National Romanian Team and this was the start for his long life dedication to this game. Steaua Bucharest (CCA), one of the most known football team in Romania, was born under Gheorghe Popescu's eyes. He led this team with many success and later he became the president of Romanian Football Federation. In his late years, after his retirement, he watched every single football match on tv.
R.I.P. Gheorghe Popescu (1) died on 25.01.2001 at 11 am because of a cerebral attack.
A great grandfather, father, a great football player and coach and most of all a great friend. You will always be in our hearts and we will never forget you.
This is the FB group page for Gheorghe Popescu (1), he was a football player, Steaua football coach, President of Romanian Federation of Football.