Chronic Pain Survivors UK

Welcome to our group. The group is UK based and was created as a safe haven for anyone who suffers from chronic pain on a daily basis.
It is a closed group to provide our members privacy to share, laugh, cry, vent, get and give advice or to just read each other's posts.
Most importantly, the group was created for us all to get and give the support we all so desperately need from others who understand us and our daily struggle with pain.
If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact one of the admins :
Debbie French - UK
Debbie Kitteridge Birchall - UK

As we are getting a bit bigger now, we decided it is time to add a few rules just to try keep things running smoothly;

1. Please can everyone remember, we are all here for the same reason, so please let's all try to remember to play nice. Anyone who decides it is a good idea to be rude or nasty to another member of the group, will be removed without a warning.
2. As a closed group, we try to protect the privacy of our members, so we ask everyone, PLEASE do not share pictures straight from the group page onto your personal page, as it takes the name of the group and person and any text along with it. If you wish to post a picture onto your personal page, please first copy it to your computer / device and then post it to your personal page. Also NO sharing of personal pictures / videos of members of the group under any circumstances!
3. We have all worked hard to get this group off the ground and to keep it running, so please do not try to recruit members for other groups! If you have a group that you think members might be interested in, just drop a note to one of the admin team and ask if it would be okay to mention this group. It is just common courtesy.
4. Please, no selling or advertising in the the group, unless it is hand made arts and crafts that you have made yourself and wish to let other members know you are selling. If any member of the group is appraoched in a PM by another member trying to sell them ANYTHING, be it fake sunglasses or so called helath products, PLEASE let one of the admins know right away so that person can be banned from the group and not continue to harrass other members.
5. No generalised "gender bashing". At best it is not fair and at worst it is pretty offensive! We have both male and female members of the group so "gender bashing" is just not acceptable.

The Admin Team