JCCARE - Japanese Chin Care and Rescue Effort

JCCARE is a dog rescue organization dedicated to the health and welfare of purebred Japanese Chin dogs. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of rescue volunteers whose sole purpose is helping, rehabilitating and finding homes for homeless Japanese Chin across the United States of America.

Hello and Welcome to our FB page: We invite all Japanese Chin lovers to share photos and stories of their Chin with us on our FB page, and to make friends with other Chin lovers here. We ask only that posts are Chin related and that we respect each other; flaming, insults and negativity are not allowed and will be deleted. Commercial posts and other non-Chin related posts will also be deleted.

As a group dedicated to rescue, we do not allow postings for the sales of puppies, dogs or litters, nor for the promotion of private or commercial breeders, commercial ventures or any fund-raising efforts not specifically for the benefit of JCCARE, Inc. If you feel a post violates these terms, please contact a page admin via private message. Thank you!"

Please Note: Official JCCARE business is conducted thru our website at www.japanesechinrescue.org (not on our Facebook page.) Our website has a page that lists phone #s and email addresses to our BOD and all of our State reps. Please contact us for help. Postings on the FB page may never be seen by the appropriate person(s).

You may see postings of Chin in need of rescue and requests for help on our FB page however, please keep in mind that JCCARE has an intake procedure and policies that must be followed. If you would like to help us rescue a Chin or foster/adopt a Chin please contact a representative via our website.

Thank You,