This group is just about the Packers fun facts fun pictures on the team like your with them fun arguments just for fun. Its not about us fans this time but its just about the players. For us ladys feel free to post really hot sexy pics of them for the guys u cant post humor pics of the group. We can all have fun joke about the Packers silly mistakes they make or silly humor they do as a team. This group I want all of u to feel right at home with the Packers. Anyone is welcomed in here invite more of your Packer friends we will be more then happy to have them in here. Right now there are no admins sept for me. I will decide who will be the next leaders in this group. it will be earned to some members that i can trust and that will help make this group more active and fun for all of u it will have to be earned though. If u think u want to be part of a team leader then you will be rewarded as a leader to this group. You can help with descions of what goes on in this group and the settings but once your my admin before u make any choices or any ideas please talk to me first. Any suggestions id appreciate u all talk to me in private thanks lots. Have a great time and no f bombs please respect one another not just the admins. Any serious fighting name calling will not be tolerated in here u get one warning then 2nd offence u will be booted. please read these rules and have fun!! Talk all the football u want post pics or whatever is on your mind!!! Thanks!!!:)