Antiques & More for sale South Africa


Dear Members
This is a group for business & private individuals alike to buy and sell antiques, vintage items and collectible items and some items that have been created from salvaged material, ie furniture etc. This group is limited to South Africans. Art works will also be allowed at the discretion of admin


Should any member have a problem, please contact one of the admin privately
(Karin Sellak Torode, Milly-Anne Skead, Werner Zars Van Dyk, Chris Torode)

1) We are very strict with posts that do not have prices. There must be a minimum price stated on your post. Any posts that do not have a price will be deleted immediately. Please include the following in your post: PRICE, DESCRIPTION, AREA, GOOD QUALITY PHOTO’S. SIZE IF APPLICABLE & CONDITION. Please mention any damage/s.

2) This group DOES NOT do valuations for the simple fact that this is not a valuations or information group. This group is purely for buying and selling.

3) Please do not re-list the same items every day. If your item has not sold within 5 days then you are welcome to re-list it again. Any ads that are re-listed before 5 days will be removed and if a member continuously does this, they will be removed from the group. When re-listing items after 5 days, please ensure that your older listing has been deleted. We are only trying to make it fair for everyone and that everyone has a chance to list items
4) Bumping of ads is not allowed (Bumping is when the seller deliberately comments on their own post to push it back to the top), other members commenting on a post does not count as “bumping”. Should a member continuously “bump” ads up, they will be removed from the group.

5) Please do not publicly slander, humiliate, embarrass or make derogatory comments about another member or item for sale, this will result in removal from the group. If you have a problem with another member, please address it with them privately or contact admin. Admin reserves the right to remove any member at any time at their discretion.

6) Members are allowed to post 5 separate posts per day. Once an item has been sold, payment has been received and the deal has been concluded, please remove the post.

7) NO Politics – Please keep sarcastic/negative comments to yourself and please respect other members.

Please note: By joining this group, the admin will not be held responsible for anything that were to go wrong during a sale between a seller and a buyer.