Fujifilm X-T1

For Fuji X-T1 stuff. If you don't know what that is, or you think any Fuji will do, then this group is not for you.


Post ONE image per post per day max. Make it a good one. Just for reference, the counting system goes like this - one image, any other number of images that is not one. Multiple and crap images will be deleted.

Include basic EXIF shooting data with the image posted. Tell us which lens you used. I'm sorry if you think posting the basic data about the image is a violation of your constitutional rights, but bad luck. If you don't do this, your image will be deleted. Repeat, and you will be too.

The 18-55 is called the 18-55, and the 18-135 is called the 18-135, just like the 56 is called the 56. As long as they're not called "the kit lens," nobody will get hurt. Probably.

"The marketing lie "full frame" is not something we are any more interested in than Fuji is, so give it a miss. http://dedpxl.com/crop-or-crap-math-or-moment/

If you post an image OF your camera, and the strap is visible, PLEASE INCLUDE THE STRAP DATA such as manufacturer, model, cost, bra size, etc.. This is more important to some than anything you do WITH the camera.

Get a hold of the new internet concept of "search". This group has a "search this group" field at the top, like EVERY Facebook group. There's this new startup called "Google" that does some amazing things. So you can save yourself the embarrassment of asking questions like "should I get the 10-24 or the 14?" or "which software for post production?" for the 500th time.

"Thanks Billy-Bob!" posts will be deleted. Keep posting them, and you will follow.

Yes, there will be an X-T2. At some point. But no, the X-T1 won't spontaneously combust at that point, so it's safe to buy one.

YAY! You bought an X-T1! Like most other people here. So we don't want to see a crappy snapshot of it. If it's beautifully lit and worth of an ad - ie the photo itself is worthwhile - feel free.

Want to read the definitive "AF/Sports shooting" thread? Here ya go: https://www.facebook.com/groups/582535005172069/permalink/742997625792472/

This is not your personal FB page, so keep it relevant to Fuji stuff, do not just post things ""because you're bored". Thousands of people don't want to read your crap.

Should you get the 14mm or the 10-24? Yes, you should, if you need a wide. But they're very different lenses, so decide which one suits your style of photograph and get that one.

Do not edit the photos of others unless asked to, it's illegal and stupid. You don't want be these things as well.

If you want to be banned permanently, post a "Like my Page" post. Works a treat.

Be kind, and think of kittens. OTOH, if someone is being stupid, point it out while thinking of kittens.