Fox news Give Youre opion or comments on How You Fill About Obama

this group is to help us all speak are mind.about how we as the people fill about Obama' I Have Seen Him Do Thing's That Shock Me. He Will Release Five Criminals And Let Are Borders Be Out Of Control.And We The American People Want What's Safe & Best For Are Country,& For Are Men and Women That Have Fought For Are Country And Obama Shows Them No Respect At All. We Have A Young Sgt in Mexico Jail Because Obama Will Not Do Anything.And Children crossing are borders That Should Not coming Across and it's Obama's Fault. I could go on and on what he is doing that I dont understand, and what he is not doing, I am sure I will Share more.Please Fill Free To Share You're Concerns or just a comment.please no cursing and no disrespect to anyone in the group.