Hill Country Cricket Association (HCCA) Austin , Texas

Check us out at and Contact us at

Website: http://www.hcca-aus...tincricket.com/

Yahoo Group: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/HCCA_Tx/

Email: HCCA_Tx@yahoogroups.com

->We play in the Central Texas Cricket League.
-> Sustainable Youth Cricket Program under guidance of professional coaches.

->Multiple time champions of the CTCL 20/20 and 35/30 leagues tournaments !

->The only irrigated and dedicated cricket ground in Central Texas

->Dedicated field includes 2 practice nets, Bola machine, bleachers and team equipment.
->Up to four teams. Any member can play competitive or recreational cricket based on their preference.
->Bi-weekly practice sessions and off season friendly matches.
->A 501(c) organization, with a written constitution, elected officials and sound fiscal policy.
->Open to interested players of all age, sex, nationality and skill level.