Auditory Processing Disorder in the United Kingdom (APDUK)

DESCRIPTION AND GROUP RULES - This group was set up to support the needs of people with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) in the UK and promote better understanding of
this disability. It is open to parents of children with APD, adults with APD or teenagers/young adults with APD and those who suspect APD or need more information on diagnosis and management. The group is run in association with my website for Wales APDUK Cymru/Wales. APD is caused by an inability in the brain to process what we hear. It has many symptoms and can occur with differing severity and in association with any other disability/learning difficulties. It affects education, communication and socialisation. It cannot be cured and sufferers rely on the development of personal coping strategies, individual strengths and compensatory gifts and provision of appropriate accommodations and, in some cases, assistive technology - which should never be used instead of developing coping strategies. We do not allow selling of any sort, or promotion of any therapies/medications/supplements that claim to cure APD. What helped your child will not help another child because they are ALL uniquely affected and have different co-existing conditions too, so posting it here will not help others.. Any such activity, or insults or harassment of members or admin, either within the group or privately, will result in a permanent ban. Please respect other members; we all have a different journey to make.