Oak Island / Southport / St. James - BUY / SELL / TRADE

This page was created for buying/selling/trading personal items only, the type you may find in a yard sale. Legal items only (no firearms, fireworks, alchohol or or other illegal items.)

This group is for Oak Island, Southport, St. James ONLY. You may sell from a different town, but you must be willing to deliver in one of these three towns.

S/A = Still available
WTB = Want to buy
ISO= In Search Of
PPU= Pending Pickup
P\U= Pick-up
PM= Private Message


1. Must be clear if you're interested in buying. (i.e. interested/ want to buy/sending pm) After committing to an item contact the seller ASAP. Seller please be sure to check your "other folder". If seller does not hear from buyer by 7pm the item will be considered S/A or go to next in line. Buyers, if you're not interested, please let sellers know ASAP!! Lots of people go online searching for items after business hours. So, if after 7pm you show interest and the seller does not hear from you within 2 hours the item will be considered S/A or go to next in line.

2. To make it easier for the person to find your post, please tag them!

3. Seller please indicate if listed on multiple sites. If you've made arrangements for p/u please indicate that!

4. Please limit posting to twice a week.

5. Please delete all photos once items are sold.

6. Don't post any personal information in the post. Once you sell an item, please PM the buyer with the location you choose. IT IS SUGGESTED YOU MEET IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Items that are not picked up on scheduled date item can be S/A or go to next in line.

7. You may not Buy or Sell if you are not willing to drive to Oak Island , Southport or St. James.

8. Yard Sale announcements are allowed as many times as you want!!

9. Please do not advertise your business. Personal business only. NO Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware or other home based businesses.

10. Please be nice or you will be banned. No foul language. Posts will be deleted at the discretion of the Admins.

11. Happy posting/selling/buying and trading!!

**Page admins is not liable/responsible for any sales or any type of transactions conducted through this page. Use this page and engage in transactions at your own risk.**

Please notify a group moderator of any rule violations..