Reading Group - Oracle, Tarot, Intuitive, Etc

This is a reading group: members can do readings, exchange readings, practice using their intuition. Readings can be done using oracle cards, tarot cards, pendulums, cowrie shells, runes, and many more divination tools. It is not necessary to do readings by using divination tools though.. if you are intuitive, you could do intuitive readings. (Reiki) healing may also be given to those who need it. If you receive, please say thank you to whoever gives you a reading or healing. If you give readings or healings, remember to take care of yourself; stay grounded and hydrated, also make sure you are given feedback. Everyone is learning, practicing, giving & receiving with love & light. This group only allows positivity and positive words, no negativity and no negative words. If you disagree with someone, no need to become harsh; everyone should be kind and respectful to each other.