Adam Sandler Is the best Comedian Alive!!!

Going Overboard (1989),Shakes the clown(1992), Coneheads(1993), Mixed Nuts(1994), Airheads (1994), Billy Madison(1995), BulletProof (1996),Happy Gilmore(1996),The Wedding Singer (1998), The Waterboy (1998), SNL:The Best of Adam Sandler (1999), Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalow (1999), Big Daddy(1999), Little Nicky(2000), The Animal (2001), Punch Drunk Love (2002), Mr. Deeds (2002), Hot Chicks (2002), The Master of Disguise (2002),Eight Crazy nights (2002),Blossoms & Blood (2003), Couch (2003), Dickie Roberts: Hollywood star (2003), Anger Management (2003),50 First Dates(2004), Spanglish (2004),Longest Yard(2005),Deuce Bigalow Eurpeon Gigalow (2005),Click(2006),The Benchwarmers (2006), Grandma's Boy (2006), I now pronounce you: Chuck and Larry(2007), Reign over me (2007), Bedtime Stories (2008), Strange Wilderness (2008), You Don't Mess with the Zohan(2008),The House Bunny (2008),Mall Cop (2009)Funny people(2009)Grown ups 1 (2010)n 2 (2013) ,Just go with it(2011), Jack & Jill(2011)The Zookeeper (2011), Bucky Larson:Born to be a star (2011),That's my Boy(2012), Hotel Transylvania (2012), Sesame Street: Singing with the stars (2012),Blended (2014) ,TBA:::::The Cobbler (2014),Men Women and Children (2014), Valet Guys (2014) ----COMING IN 2015: MALL COP 2, PIXELS! ----IN THE FUTURE: JOE DIRT 2 AND GROWN UPS 3
Movies he produced but Not in: Joe Dirt, Grandma's Boy, Master of Disguise, Deuce Bigalow:Eurpeon Gigalow and Male Gigalow, Dickie Roberts, the Benchwarmers, Strange Wilderness. Zookeeper, Mall Cop. Valet guys