@@Adventist singles in GHANA....@@ where are you???

@dventist singles in ghana,where are you?thank you for be part of this wonderfully familly of God.

...please we need your advices as a real christian and son of God..how should we live in this world of the end???if you are adventist and youth it is a privilege for you to fight hard for heaven.
and you need to resemble to jesus.
we are here to support each others,to share the good news of God and to advise each others.
please support us with your advices,comments,points and viewx,don't let us down. help your brothers and sisters to be like Jesus.

never post bad things or naked pictures if you are not adventist,!God loves you and can change your life if you want

please to all members be active in the grouped and give us your friendship .

where are you adventist God is calling you to wake up for his work.

MARANATHA and welcome here in Ghana.welcome again.where ever you are,,we are one people of one God.amen