Blackpool Transport's Past

In memory of Richard Wynn A page for the stories and pictures from the days gone by on Trams and Buses in Blackpool.
Blackpool Transport's Past is a group that brings the rich history of Blackpool's unique trams and buses into today's world by posting stories and pictures on here.
We will not tolerate any swearing, animosity, racist or derogatory remarks to any of our members and towards B.C.T., B.T.S. and Blackpool Council.
There are other bus operators on the Fylde coast and the above relates to them.
If any member has a comment to make that may cause an unpleasant situation, please may I suggest you p'm them instead of airing it in public?
If you post pictures please cite the source, be they your own, internet or attributed to anyone.
If you can't do that then please don't post them until you get permission.
Anything that doesn't follow the rules will be deleted and quite possibly the person concerned banned.
No adverts will be entertained at all, unless they have a direct link to the core subject of our group.
The Admin team who are Bill Bates~ Gary Duckworth~ Adrian Burnett~Alex Calvert ~ and myself.