1. NO DRAMA. This is a page to sell, trade, buy or give away items. There is no need to get wound up over nothing.
2. If you post something, post enough info on it so there aren't going to be 7000 comments on the post asking for information. If you don't at LEAST post an asking price, your posted will be deleted.
3. Unless you have a single item only, clothes must be sold in "lots".
Lots mean they all must be in 1 picture, not separate pictures. Post size ranges and prices. Do NOT put info in the comments or tell people to ask.
4. If you sell an item and it turns out it is broken or the buyer doesn't want it, work out a way to get it back to them. I'm assuming we are all adults here, act like it. Treat others how you would expect to be treated.
5.THE SELLING OF ANIMALS WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT BE TOLERATED. There are many valuable animal rescue shelters in the Fox Valley. If you're not sure who they are, contact an admin and they would be happy to provide you that information.
6. This is not a place to promote your business. Please do that elsewhere.
7. The sale or resale of phones is not allowed. Too many people have been shafted in this group with a lack of information or false information and have ruined this for everyone.
8. You're only allowed to "bump" your post twice. This gives everyone in the group a fair chance at selling their items.
9. You can re-post your items twice. Again, this is to be fair to other sellers.
10. PLEASE do not spam this page with your items. If you have a lot to sell, try to advertise it in 1 post. It's really not fair to the other buyers/sellers and no one has a chance to see anything other than what you posted.
11. No re-sale of car seats. It's dangerous and unsafe. Use your brain,
12. Do NOT belittle the admins when they tell you to edit/remove your posts. We're not asking much. If you block an admin after they warn you or ask you to edit a post, you will be removed.
13. The admins have grounds to delete/ban any member as they see fit.
Please feel free to contact any of the admins if you have questions or concerns.
Updated 12.2.2014