Harrison College Barbados - those who attended during 1980 to 1987

This group has been created for two reasons:

(1) to reunite the Kolij group who entered Harrison College in September 1980. That was the first year girls entered 1st form at Harrison College, and

(2) to reunite all those who were at Kolij for any of the years 1980 to 1987.

We had such great times at school but most of us have lost contact with each other.

Please post your Kolij stories and pictures and let's REUNITE!


This group was created as a medium to share old school stories, to share old school pictures and to reconnect with old schoolmates .By its nature it is to be fun but at all times respectful and within the bounds of decency. Facebook terms of use and the general law still apply. If anyone finds any posted item or discussion in this group to be offensive, please send me a message and I will investigate the matter. The administrators of this group have the power to remove members if these terms are not adhered to.