Ford 6.0 Power Stroke... Questions, answers, no BS...

This page is for people to ask questions, offer advice, get help when you need it and help others when you can.

This is not a place to trash talk, belittle, berate or make others feel bad for asking simple questions. Just because it's a simple question to some, the person wouldn't ask it if it was simple to them.

I ask plenty questions myself as I am still learning the tricks and secrets of the 6.0 myself.

I want people to feel confident that they can come here for answers and support. Friendly debate is encouraged. I like to see people passionate about their views, but keep it at that. There's no reason that because you prefer your methods over someone else's to belittle them. Sometimes the best way to show you're right is to offer your point of view and let the other person do it the hard way and see you were right. But in the other hand, sometimes that's how you can learn tricks you didn't know.

I encourage posting pics of your trucks, engines, parts, etc. Post how to videos too. Anything that will help others.

Now for the things I don't want to see that will get you removed.
- excessive argument
- excessive profanity
- inappropriate photos (includes memes)
- photos of "coal rolling"
- repeated unsupportive comments
- people found to be lying or posting photos, videos or other intellectual property that the owner forbids without permission
- "trolling"
- any acts that violate facebook's policies
- anything else not covered in the aforementioned list that causes a legitimate problem with the general consensus of the page

This page is for adults that love their Power Strokes and need help or can help those that need it.

If you want to argue, berate and belittle, go buy yourself a Cummins or Duramax and join their pages.