American Airlines WRO/WCRO/LAXS/LAX and STIN Western Division Employees

Feel free to share your memories and post any old or new photos. This group is open to all past and present employees that have worked in any capacity and at any time over the past 65 years in any Los Angeles area AA location, including: Downtown LA/WCRO/WRO Reservations Offices, LAX & Co-Terminals: SNA/LGB/ONT/BUR, Western Division Offices, Sales Offices, City Ticket Offices, SABRE / STIN, Cabin & Fleet Services, Human Resources, Cargo, M&E, Administrative Offices, Pilots & Cockpit Crew, Flight Attendants, Ramp, AA/NZ Contract, Skycaps and all other Los Angeles area American Airlines jobs and locations.

This group was originally formed by Steve Allen and open to individuals who worked in the following American Airlines locations:
Reservations Sales in Downtown L.A.(6th and Flower)
The WRO/WCRO (6310 San Vicente Blvd)
LAX Sales
LAX Ticket Counter/Ticket Lift (the gates)
STIN (SABRE) Western Division