Lee County Hoarders Unite Buy/Sell :)

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL RULES WHEN POSTING YOUR ITEMS !!!!!!!!!!List anything you want for sale and please make sure to include a price, size, etc.! Interested has got to be said for you to be first in Line...Asking a question does not consider you interested so please say that you are interested even tho you might have a question :-) its up to the seller if they want to give the buyer time to respond before moving to the next person in line!However i think we should at least give someone at least 8 hours to be fair because we all have families and something can come up But again that is up to the seller :-) No bidding, wait for the first offer to fall through before making another offer. No PM sales or text sales, buy it on the wall. No shows will be banned and no bait and switch. If you sold it, delete it and NO DUPLICATES PLEASE. Please play NICE!! Please only post your items once and bump them every 12 hours. Thanks from your friendly admins >>> Shannon and JOanne