Lebanon Pa - Buy & Sell

Please read rules before posting any items for sale! Sellers.....Please limit your posts to one picture per item for sale. Keep your posts current by bumping them at least 1x/ day. Please Post only 10 items at a time. Once you delete one post you can then post another. Please delete post once item is sold. Please be respectful to others. If you are interested in an item and want to discuss price or item please PM the seller do not discuss in post box! Please please do not pull any no shows or you will be deleted from the group! Set up meet date and times in PM allow up to three days or less per agreement.

Buyers.... Please be respectful of each other. Serious inquires only do not bid on an item and then cancel last minute. No cursing, no fighting, no arguing. If you are interested in an item make it known immediately, first come first serve. Make sure you show up at drop spot.

Anyone caught not following the rules will be kicked off the group! If there are any private issues pertaining to a person in the group please PM me and it will be handled.
If anything is not proper you will be asked to delete post if you do not delete administration will delete without permission.

Have fun everyone hope you all enjoy the group.