Saving Pound Dogs - Cyprus (SPDC)

Saving Pound Dogs - Cyprus [SPDC] is a group of volunteers trying to save dogs that have ended up in various local dog pounds.

By working in co-operation with the local pounds, we try to identify the owners of lost dogs through various channels. If unsuccessful, we try to find new homes to our furry friends, either in Cyprus or abroad.

What we do is to:
- engage in improving the life of a dog whilst in the pound
- work with the local vets to make sure that the pound dogs are treated, if sick
- strive to keep the dogs healthy at all times
- search for foster homes or, even better, forever homes
- organize fundraisers etc. in order to try to raise funds and support in the local community.

All actions done by the affiliated dog pounds are under the umbrella of SPDC.

CONTACT us via email at or


Nicosia: Elena Papaleontiou tel: 99 55 99 36 / 96419101
Constantina Constantinou tel: 96 79 90 90
Suhair Al Sukhon Gelser tel: 97 75 29 24

Limassol: Georgia Lantzi tel: 99 38 51 21
Thea Kynigos tel: 99 82 51 15

Oroklini: Jeanette Borchardt tel: 99 88 34 88
Eugenia Andreou tel: 99 84 48 94