Almost Home Crusaders

Almost Home Crusaders is a small non profit rescue. All dogs are will be chipped, vaccinated and neutered, apart from those under seven months). If for any reason an adult dog cannot be neutered before adoption, ie. for medical reasons, or due to season, an appropriate discount will be given, and the dog will come to you on a neutering contract and must be neutered when appropriate We believe that all dogs deserve a second chance in life.

Almost home crusaders aim to help dogs from every situation. Our aim is to save as many lives as we can. We offer total support to our fosterers and value them highly. the almost hope crusade team is a strong one and the group is very friendly.

Adoption Donation is £150 we also homecheck any potential adoption homes. Routine follow up checks will also be done.


DIONNE BIRTLE in charge of all homechecks and transports