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This is a place to talk all things Cleveland Sports Related!!!
Don't be an Ass!
Updated 9/06/2014... LIKE IT, so we know you READ IT!!!
Who would have thought we didn't really have a good place to talk all Cleveland Sports on here before? Well, let's make THIS that place!
Simple rules really.
1. Keep it Cleveland Sports Related (And yes, if you can justify a tie to Cleveland Sports, it's cool)
2. Don't be an Asshole! (Those random well thought out "Fuck This, HE Sucks, Fuck You Pussies" Sort of well thought out comments. Yeah, they aren't Welcome here. They will basically be deleted, and yeah, could get you the boot)
3. If you know people that like talking Cleveland Sports, Add Them. It's an open group for now. The more the merrier. Plus the more views we have, the better the conversations go!
4. No personal attacks. I kind of figured this kind of went with #2, but that's what I get for assuming. Let's keep it sports talk, not smack talk. Let's also try to avoid comments that are basically being a dick, just to be a dick. If you do, the boot will be had, and you can go cry in other groups about how unfair I/We are.
5. None of that "Not a true fan" BS. It's stupid. Who the hell who isn't a sports fan would waste time on the internet talking about it? It's just stupid, and only said to be an asshole. And well, Rule #2...
6. Go Recruit some other Cleveland Sports fans to join. Add them to the group, whatever. Let's make this the biggest, and best Cleveland Sports Talk Group on Facebook!!!
7. If you have issues, we try to stay admin heavy. So feel free to reach out to me, Rodney VH, Lloyd Pearson IV, Michael Schuele, Jennie Bertolasio, John Stebbins.
8. Report any Steelers, Ravens, or Bungles fans activity. We like to embarrass and ban pretty quickly in these parts.
9. Hell, I don't know. I'm sure I'll come up with something else, just not now...