Osan Air Base, South Korea

This group is for anyone who was stationed at Osan AB, South Korea, any dates any era. This can be from the Vietnam War era assignment, especially for and during the USS Pueblo Crisis (68/69) or up to modern day assignments. Try to find old friends and buddies, share old pictures, and have fun.

We try to keep membership to those that have served at or nearby Osan AB. Spouses of, Parents of, Children of those that served, active military, prior service, retired military service, etc.

Added Note: When you request to join this group the admin will check your Facebook page to see if the criteria stated above is present in some way. If all of your Facebook posts are phones, tablets, Glasses, clothing, cars, miscellaneous, etc for sale, work from home, earn money, learn online, you joined Facebook 12 hours ago, live in foreign countries with no visual connection to this group, glamor pictures, etc. it ain't gonna happen.

Lastly, Myself and the group frown upon marketing and sales postings (commonly termed spam). Political statements are frequently awkward for this group too. There are other pages and groups to voice your opinion or further your cause. Finally remember your postings are going to be viewed by a mixed audience.

If you requested to join and you were not admitted it was because I could not see a military connection of some sort to this group as stated above on your Facebook page. I will personal message you to verify requirements for membership, the message will appear in your "OTHER" message folder. If I do not get a reply in several days I will delete the request. If you do have a connection you can Facebook message me and explain the circumstances and we can work things out.

That's all for now.

Thank You
Group Administrator