K-1 Group - Visa Journey

This group is for Fiancée (K-1) and Spousal (CR/IR-1) visas from the Philippines to the U.S.
If this is not you it is recommended you join one of the following Facebook groups that have English language only rules.
1. Visa Journey
2. Visa Questions Answered-K1/I-130
3. Members are not allowed to block any Admin, it prevents them from properly monitoring the posts in the group.
1. No Ad's at all
2. Be respectful of others,
breaking the rules means possibly being removed and or banned from the group.
Removed means taken out of the group and you have to request to come back in.
Banned mean no matter how many time you request to come back in the group it will not be approved.
By becoming a member or continuing your membership is this group you agree to follow the rules and to maintain yourself in a polite manner.

Group Etiquette
ALL CAPS- that is considered to be yelling at someone.

HIJACKING - posting an unrelated question to a post, please just start a new post you will get more help that way.