Backend 台灣 (Backend Tw)

歡迎來到 Backend 台灣。
Welcome to Backend Taiwan.


We're Backend Workers. No matter you are SA, SD, SE, OS, Security, Programmer, or any other System Backend worker; Or you like to discuss or share any information about technology, WELCOME!

如貴公司想在此招募Backend工作者,請寫出工作內容、待遇、薪資範圍(最少要寫多少起跳)、連絡方式等必要資訊。如果是聯合招募活動,亦請列出各公司名稱、工作內容、待遇等資訊。本社群支持翟本喬前輩的「我在 Google 的第 i 課: 就業平等」理念。

If your company want to hire any backend worker here, please write down your job contents, treatments, salary range(starting salary is required at least), contact and other necessary infomation. If it's an union recruitment event, please list company names, job contents, treatments, etc. We support Mr. Ben Jai's idea: "Lesson i in Google: Employment Equality".


We welcome all sharing about technical events, but please do NOT post the event repeatedly(in minimum of 3 day period, otherwise repeated article will be deleted)

Founded at 01/20/2015