Welcome to the New Burnley Past and Present site, this is your site for your comments and reminiscences of our town. Feel free to enter into the conversations and comments or to add your photographs and other memorabilia to share with others. New members should take an active part in commenting on posts within the group. There is no reason whatsoever of joining a social network group and then just sitting back. We need feedback for others to enjoy too, this is what social networking is all about. If you feel that you are not likely to make these contributions please feel free take yourself off then other more active members can be added. Number of members being added to NBPP are limited so please bear this in mind and let other on board if you cannot participate The ‘rules’ are few, but are what apply to any other Facebook sites, and that is, no racial or religious remarks, no advertising and no swearing. Also bear in mind that pictures of explicit sex content should also be avoided as we have younger members in the group….Any posts or pictures considered offensive by the Admin may be removed, but only after contacting the person who posted it and asking them first to remove it. We are also a non-political group, so if you are unhappy with the way the town is being run, then the way to change that is through the ballot box. Other than that simply enjoy the site, it is what you make it...Group founded on 31 October 2014. Supporting named charity the Pendleside Hospice.