Ancient Clan O'Neill of Tyrone

Dan O’Neill: Chief Guardian (Ireland)
Sean (Paddy) O'Neill: Vice Chief Guardian (U.S.)

Irish Branches:
Siobhan O'Neill: Ulster Coordinator
Dympna Heron: Head Guardian of Stewartstown
Mal O’Neill: Head Guardian of Armagh
Brian O'Neill: Head Guardian of Clonoe
Shauna Duke:Head Guardian of KingIsland Branch

International Branches:

Laurie O'Neill Ries: International Coordinator U.S.
Laurie O'Neill Ries: Head Guardian of the U.S. Atlantic Branch
Sean Michael O’Neill: Head Guardian of the U.S. Ohio Valley Branch
Sean Paddy O’Neill: Head Guardian of the U.S. Mid-West Branch
Bond Mac Eoghain: Head Guardian of the U.S. Pacific Branch

The O'Neill’s are one of the great clans of Ireland who shaped the very path of Irish history for hundreds of years. For our ancestors and those associated with them, it was a constant struggle to preserve a way of life. In the end, much of the cultural heritage and traditions, as well as the native language, were lost.
As we reflect on the history of our ancestors, we recognize that their stories of happiness, hardship, and resilience are worth remembering and recording for ourselves, as well as for future generations. We do so not with bitterness and resentment, but with awe and admiration for all that they accomplished.
The idea for our ( website was first envisioned on Saint Patrick’s Day, 2012, by two enthusiastic O’Neill’s from County Tyrone, Ireland, and has since grown to include an international committee with representatives from Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The leading members of the committee are from the heartland of the O’Neill clan (East County Tyrone) and have extensive knowledge of the area and its history. They also maintain active connections with the local government and various associations throughout Northern Ireland.
Anyone associated to the O’Neill clan can trace his or her genealogy to County Tyrone, which, in the fifteenth century, stretched from Inishowen (currently in County Donegal) to include the modern counties of Derry and Tyrone, as well as part of County Armagh. Today there are O’Neill’s who remain in County Tyrone, as well as many others spread throughout the world. Our goal is to reunite everyone associated with this clan and to explore the rich history of our ancestors. We encourage everyone to join our website and to become an active participant: record your own family history, as much or as little as you know of it, get to know the other members on the site, share old stories, read about the history of your ancestors, and enjoy an informal, friendly exchange of ideas and information