Charger fans across the USA

This group started off for Charger fans outside of California as a way to connect with other Charger fans. We will also accept "TRUE" Charger fans that also live in California, we will not discriminate in any way.
As the group has grown there are 5 of us admins that agree that a few rules should be put into place.

1. Be Respectful. That sounds easy and it should be. So please no religious or political views. NO RACIST remarks in any way or you will automatically be kicked out. No sexist remarks. Also no Harassing another member in any way at all.

If anyone has questions, concerns or problems that need to be address please contact any one of the admins.

Biggest Rule of all!! NO RAIDER fans, BRONCO fans or a fan of any other team.....This is for true Charger fans only.
Other than that we all just want to have a fun group to cheer our Chargers on with.

Last but not least Please no Spam or selling of any item's, this is not a page to sell things, and especially ray ban sunglasses lol