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Hilux owners from Western Australia.

The aim of this group is to :
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Group Rules :

1. Hilux owners only
2. Western Australian residents only
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6. No advertising "scammers". Only local and interstate businesses that can help
7. Any group meetings are to be respectful to the community, environment and other members.

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Recovery Points -

It is a must to have recovery points when heading out with a group or by yourself. Rated front and rear recovery points can be purchased from between $200 to $500 depending on vehicle model and year of build. For the sake of a couple of hundred dollars, it could be the difference to recovering your pride and joy or, loosing it to a waterhole, mud hole, ocean, beach, sliding or rolling down a hill or just being broken down with no means of being recovered or towed home. (and for those who think the 4 loops under the front of a Hilux are rated recovery point… They are NOT. These are factory tie-down points for transport and are NOT rated for towing or any recovery)

Other simple tools to aid in a recovery would be:
1. Basic recovery kit. (Snatch/tow strap, tree trunk protector, rated shackles, snatch block, cable dampener and gloves)
2. Shovel.
3. Highlift jack.
4. Winch.
5. Maxtraxx/Treds/or something of the same liking.
6. Winch anchor for boggy sand or terrain.
7. Simply going with a group of friends.