Gold Coast Biggest Buy,Swap n Sell Advertising


Arrange sale, hold, etc with
seller as you wo...uld through the Paper or Gumtree,Trading Post ect...Seller has the right to sell to whoever they want to.

Please try and Bump your Items and remove them when they are no longer for sale or valid.

ANY SPAMMERS OR ABUSE WILL BE REMOVED AND BLOCKED!!! Members Please report abuse or adverts that are spam and we will block and delete the culprits.

New member requests are vetted as much as possible and if your profile appears fake of is very limited then you will be rejected.

if you are advertising products please advise what is is in the advert or it will be removed also.. EG Herbal products??? What Brand etc Weight Loss?? What brand/product??

ADMIN will not be held responsible for sellers,items or posts.**


These rules will be updated..