****HOW GOOD LADIES END UP IN WRONG MARRIAGES:**** →After getting out of campus/college with a mind reading; > I want a handsome man,
> He should have money,
> He should be single,
> He should be loving,
> He should be responsible,
> He should be good in bed. →Heheheheheee! After two years without seeing such a man, she reduces to; > I want a man who has money even if he's not educated.
> Has a house,
> Has a business. →After three more years without seeing such a man & remember she is competing with age, She now changes her & say,
"I want whoever can marry me". **FREE ADVICE TO LADIES:
Have minimal qualities in a man,
The rest of the qualities can be made later. And never include riches as one of the qualities! ***THINK ABOUT IT***
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