Johnson County, Ellis County, Tarrant County, DFW Buy-Sell-Trade

All business posts such as Avon, Ace, Advocare, Papparazi, Pink Zebra, Plexus, Zeal, Mark Kay, Nerium, stay at home, private businesses, reprsenting a company or business, and anything similar to that must be posted in the Pinned Post area in the comments section. Any ads found on the main feed will be deleted. No more asking by admins. Get too many deleted comments and you will be deleted as well.

No Drama
You must be a legitimate company if you are offering a job.
No blocking of the admins
No negative comments on any members posts.

This is a buy and sell of merchandise so you must have merchandise on hand and you must be from Texas. Please state the county and city you are from so there will be no misunderstanding.

Please stick to your buying or selling arrangements. Too many complaints will get you booted and banned. If you cannot buy or sell then let the other party know so they can make arrangements without losing time and money.

My admins will have full control over the room and if you have been booted and you feel you were in the right, contact me by private message and I will determine if the decision was just.

Rules are subject to change.